Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Changes Things

Jonathan Aldy- Prayer changes things

Jonathan Aldy

It was a hot day in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Baseball practice was in full swing. Sixteen-year-old Jonathan Aldy had just run to second base, when suddenly , he collapsed.  His father Dennis, who was also his coach, stood just steps away.

“I glanced over towards shortstop for no apparent reason, was Continue reading

Escaping the Weight of Shame

Chris Amos

“Shame, guilt, embarrassment, I knew it was wrong. Born and raised in the church, I knew it was wrong,” declared Chris Amos.

It only took one look at a porn magazine and ten–year-old Chris Amos was hooked. It gave him a sense of power, acceptance, even love – things a boy unsure of himself needed. “Here’re the most beautiful women in the whole world and they are there to meet your every Continue reading

How God Restored My Family

The Agostos

The Agostos

I wanted somebody that would understand me. I wanted someone that when I said to them what I had gone through that I could have that shoulder to lean on as opposed to being judged.”

Linda had just moved from New York to live with family members in Florida when she found that person. At her new school, she met Rafael.

He recalls, “When I got to school that day, I saw a group of friends of mine, and I saw this new girl standing there. I said, ‘Wow!  That’s a new girl.  She’s beautiful.’ So I walked up to the crowd and introduced myself.” Continue reading