God Stilled Me: The Testimony of a Parkinson’s Sufferer

Cindy Asmus

Cindy Asmu

“It would take me a really long time to try and make my fingers work,” says Cindy Asmus. “I had to think, I’m going to do this. Even tying my shoe, brushing and flossing my teeth, holding on to a pen and writing were hard to do.”

At age 44, Cindy Asmus’ life turned upside down. The doctor told her she had Parkinson’s disease. At first the symptoms were minor: She felt weak; there was a numbness in her arm. Over several years, it progressed into uncontrollable shaking.

Cindy’s faith made it hard to accept the diagnosis.

“You pray all the time that God wasn’t going to let this happen. It actually does get diagnosed. Continue reading