JULY – My Season of Completion and Perfection

To Perfect is to

*completeMonthly Prayer Points

*make good

*PERFECTION* means: flawlessness, excellence, superbness, sublimity, exquisiteness, magnificence, perfectness, faultlessness, impeccability, immaculateness, exemplariness.

The *SEVENTH* month is *a month of PERFECTION /COMPLETION* (2Chro. 31:7)

*God also finished the work of creation on the SEVENTH day (Gen 2:1-3)

Psa 138:8  The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

“Anything not completed cannot be celebrated”

Case Study

  1. Hannah (1 Sam 1 & 2)
  2. Jabez (1 Chr 4:10-11)


  1. Lord, I thank you for bringing me to the second half of this year. (Ps 136:1)
  2. Father Lord, forgive my iniquities and remember my sins no more. (Jer. 31:34)
  3. Lord Jesus, pour your spirit upon me like the day of Pentecost. (Joel 2:28)
  4. I declare a new beginning of favour, blessing, protection, breakthrough and achievement, in the name of Jesus. (Gen 1:1)
  5. My life take a new form, my destiny take a new shape, in the name of Jesus. (Gen 1:2a)
  6. In this new month, Holy Spirit inhabit me and make my life your dwelling place. (Gen 1;2b)
  7. In this new month, I shall not be put to physical shame, to spiritual shame and to financial shame, in the name of Jesus. (Psalms 34:5)
  8. Light of God, prevail over every thick cloud of darkness mounted against my life, in the name of Jesus (John 1:4-5)
  9. Tree of non-achievement planted in my family line, be uprooted by fire in Jesus’ name. (Jdg. 6:15)
  10. I decree, prosperity, I declare sound health upon my life, in Jesus’ name (3Jn 1:2)
  11. I receive the grace for perfect understanding to tackle life situation, in Jesus’ name (Lk 1:3)
  12. In this month, perfect peace and protection shall be my portion, in Jesus’ name (Is. 26:3)
  13. Fire of God separate me from every unrepentant enemy of my progress and every work of darkness, in the name of Jesus (Gen 1:4)
  14. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. (1Kings 18:24)


*I hereby declare that, in this new month of perfection and completion, the glory of God will be seen upon you, nations will come to your light, everything that refused to work in your favour in the past months will begin to cooperate with you and start to favour you, in the name of Jesus Christ*






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