Healing Balm



Lay your right hand on your head as the symbol of your destiny and shout this waking prophecy with fire in your spirit man



  1. My Destiny! My Destiny!! My Destiny!!! GO UP into Gilead this morning and take a bath with the Healing Balm in Jesus name.
  2. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, let the hands of fire be stretched out against sicknesses and infirmities in any part of my body.
  3. In the name of Jesus, the Holy Child of God, let the ARM of the Lord be revealed in my situation to disgrace infirmities and sicknesses in my life.
  4. I declare with faith in my heart, that I believe the report of the Lord, in Jesus name.
  5.  I release the BALM of Gilead upon every affliction in my body, soul and spirit now in Jesus name.
  6. I command the soothing balm of Gilead to replace every point of pain in my life now in Jesus name.
  7. From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, I command the comfort of Jehovah Shalom to overwhelm my life now in Jesus name.
  8. I receive divine promotion from being a manager of pain and infirmity to become advertiser and showcasing of God’s glory and praises in Jesus name.

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